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At Javelin, the study of the environment of a surface is a most fascinating area. From our point of view, it is the intersection of mechanical engineering and materials science. Our expertise in tribology, the science of of interacting surfaces in motion, allows us to control the critical interface between the athlete and their environment. This is where the athlete imparts power, change of direction and balance. For every action, the reaction can be better controlled with products we’ve developed at Javelin.

Working with Javelin are a combination of engineers, chemists, athletes, coaches and industry enthusiasts combining their in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of each sport.  We collaborate with University researchers and independent laboratories to bring the latest advances to high performance athletes. This open approach encourages athletes and teams in other sports to come forward with their need for control and performance improvement to collaborate with us.  

Javelin Performance Coatings are not sold under any other label.

Our Mission

Javelin Performance Coatings mission is to develop coatings for athletes and sport enthusiasts who can benefit in their sport from enhanced control where friction and other forces affect performance.

Our Motto

“Focus on perfection and everything speeds towards it.”


Javelin Ski-Snowboard

Javelin Performance Coatings is dedicated to delivering the fastest coatings for ski and snowboard on earth.

By taking the approach that innovative coating technology can significantly reduce friction beyond what is possible with conventional wax technology, we have opened up a new frontier in speed enhancement.

At Javelin, we work closely with high performance athletes to make continuous improvements in our products, taking innovation from theory to podium. From the ski cross racer who needs to catch the competition before the next turn to the aerialist who needs the speed to develop the next trick,

Javelin is there for you.

See you on the podium,

Team Javelin

Ski/Snowboard Products

Javelin Skate

We are very excited to be working with speed skating teams. Our success to date has been largely in short track racing where we’ve been used at the Olympic level.

Currently under testing by two national hockey leagues franchises. Contact us to learn how you can get involved or participate. 

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Javelin Grip

Javelin Grip products encompass all racquet sports and golf. Many golf pros have replaced their glove entirely with our golf grip.

Currently under evaluation by tennis professionals. Contact us for details.

Javelin Golf Grip



What unites us at Javelin Performance Coatings is a passion for what we do. Javelin Brand is managed by KMI, a leading distributor and manufacturer of best in industry sports brands. For more than 20 years now, through its brands, KMI has sponsored dozens of athletes per year, from the local to the Olympic level.

We strive to deliver the foremost products to allow you to reach your personal best. Expert staff can guide you in your choice and use of product.

Our customer service is thorough, quick and efficient having an industry leading on time delivery performance. It is run from a 3500 square foot warehouse with dedicated shipping. All items are in stock and ready to ship.


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Javelin Skate is currently working with high performance hockey and speed skating athletes. Apply to participate.