Well, we are half through a busy weekend and I should post the updates that have come in.

Let’s start with the Canadian Ski Cross Team. The last couple of days, Ski Cross has been racing in Arosa Swtzerland. With the women out for the rest of the season, it’s up to the men to get the job done. On Saturday, Chris Delbosco won the Small Final with Team mate Brady Leman right behind. Friday, Chris also won the Small Final with Brady 2 spots behind. Thank you Ski Cross for your continued support of Javelin products!
The last 2 days have also been very successful for Hannah Schmidt. Hannah won the Women’s FIS Downhill at Sugarloaf on Friday and then put the short skis on to win the Women’s FIS SL held at Camp Fortune on Saturday. Other Javelin women having a successful Saturday at Camp Fortune, were Caitlin Roe collecting a 3rd overall and 1st in the U18. Abby Thomas rounded out the 5th spot overall and 2nd in the U18.



Hannah Schmidt First Place, Caitlin Roe 3rd, Abby Thomas 5th place

First on the podium is Caitlin Roe and Abby Thomas 2nd place.

First on the podium is Caitlin Roe and Abby Thomas 2nd.

In the Men’s race at Camp Fortune, a couple of retirees from the Men’s National Alpine Team, JP Roy and Pat Biggs placed 1st and 2nd respectively. Since their retirements JP and Pat have been Javelin Ambassadors. They have won or placed in the top 3 in every race since coming on board with Javelin.
As always, we thank all of our Athletes for their support and making us Podium Proven!

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