Hello Athletes and Coaches,

The 2015 season is now in full swing!  We would like to make mention of a few Javelin Athletes who are off to a great start.

Hannah Schmidt from the NCO FIS Team placed 4th today and was 1st yesterday at MSA GS series.  Yesterday, Abby Thomas placed 5th U18 and 9th overall at MSA GS.

Last weekend Hunter Watson lead the U16s at both MSM GS and the Mont Cascade SL.  Lake Korte-Moore placed 2nd on Saturday at MSM.  Newcomer to the Javelin Team Helen Hume, placed 4th in the Ladies U16 at MSM and placed 3rd on Sunday at her home hill Mont Cascade.  Helen can be seen on our Facebook page sporting  the new Javelin patch.

Javelin would like to welcome the KVR Ski Team coached by Shelley Johnston and Sandy Nattress to the Javelin family.

Lastly, welcome to our new website! Be sure to share us with your family and friends. We are looking for your pics and posts for our Facebook page and website. So don’t be shy and put your best ski forward!

Sponsored Athletes please look for an email this week from Javelin/KMI for some product/site instructions you’ll need in 2015.

Thank you again for making us Podium Proven!


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