Earlier in the week I looked at the calendar and thought, winter is past it’s half way point. Then I glanced over at my son’s race calendar and saw a lot of racing left. The back half of the season is always big. Athletes can look forward to Canada Winter Games, Provincials, Nationals and tryouts. I guess the glass is either half empty or half full depending on which calendar you look at!

Let’s start with the 2nd day of racing at Camp Fortune last Sunday. In the Men’s FIS SL, Pat Biggs and JP Roy are turning back the clock! Pat collected Gold and JP collected Silver. The day previous Pat and JP exchanged positions. Pat and JP each told me afterwards that they were racing Vibe Green.

On the women’s side Hannah Schmidt continued her roll, collecting Gold. Abby Thomas was 4th overall and 2nd in the U18 category.

FIS is in Bromont this week and Hannah Schmidt continued her success on the podium, as she picked up a Silver on Thursday. Caitlin Roe has been running in the top 10 overall.  She collected Gold on Friday and Bronze on Thursday in the U18 category.

As I write this morning, our friends at Ski Cross just contacted me and Chris Del Bosco won the Small Final in Are Sweden. Ski Cross is back at it tomorrow and we hope that the breaks start turning their way!

As always, Javelin thanks all of their Athletes for their trust in our products. We are also very proud that you make us Podium Proven!

If you’re using Javelin, please contact us with your success. We would love to spread your news.

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  • Well, Alpine events are finished at the Canada Winter Games, and even with the lack of Snow the course held up extremely well. It was nice to share my home hill with the rest of Canada. Being part of the timing crew, really interested to know if the Ontario team was using Javelin during the Super G race seeing it was almost a complete Ontario sweep…

  • Throughout the week we try to track our ATT members, in any given week we have to rely on the athletes or parents emailing us with their results. There are many athletes using Javelin and we are only tracking the sponsored ATT members. So the short answer is yes, the Ontario Team members use Javelin – we just don’t know how many.

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