As the winter winds down, the conditions on the hill can be tricky to manage! The morning may be cold and dry and your afternoon run may be warm and wet. With Nationals and Provincials going on, I had a parent contact me and he wanted to know my feeling on applying Javelin Juice over Black Ice.

Here is the answer with the back-story. Black Ice and Juice are both spray-on additives that further reduce friction and increase glide. Although their goal is the same, they work on two different principles. Black Ice is designed to work in very cold, dry, hard conditions. It has the ability to keep the ski moving without water in the snow. As the temperature warms and the conditions become softer, Black Ice become less effective. Juice, on the other hand, is a rock star in warm wet conditions. It is designed to glide and break suction. It also works great in normal cold winter conditions. So, if I had to switch out from Black Ice to Juice, I would NOT want to spray one over the other. I would use a little of our Strip product, along with a micro-fibre cloth and remove the remainder of the Black Ice. Since we are removing a thin coating, this is easily done and the ski will dry fast. Within a minute or two, you can apply Juice to the base and go out and win the race.

Thank you again to all of our Athletes for making Javelin Podium Proven. My next blog will be an edgy topic!

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