Today I would like to talk about the “trickle down effect”. About 2 months ago I get a phone a call from Jorgen Krause.  “Mike, it’s Jorgen Krause from the Alberta Ski Cross Team.  The National team  told me to call and you may be able to help us out.. James says you usually answer your phone”.  My response to Jorgen was  “Let’s put you on Javelin. And yes, your calls will always be answered!”

Today, Javelin would like to Congratulate Jorgen Krause and the Alberta Ski Cross Team, as they have been on top of the podium for both the Men’s and Women’s events at the Ski Cooper Nor-Am.  Thank you Jorgen and the Alberta Ski Cross Team for your belief in our products and making Javelin Podium Proven!

alberta ski cross

On a personal note I would like to Congratulate Dustin Cook on his Silver Medal at the Beaver Creek World Alpine Championship Super G.  Dustin is an alumni of the National Capital Outaouais Ski Club (the team for which my son currently races).  Dustin and his family, have laid the blue-print on how to get to the National Team and how to be successful on the World Cup.  When Dustin is training at home he always makes time for the local athletes and is very approachable. Dustin’s mother and father (Karen and Paul) are always volunteering at the local races and are very gracious about their son’s success.

Again, Congratulations and Thank you!  If my son chooses Alpine Racing as his career, your roadmap will be close by!

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